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Where and when will the home games be located?
Home games will be played at either Framingham High School or Walsh Middle School on Saturday or Sunday.  Other gyms may be used for practices or makeup games.  The Metrowest League is a Sunday league but due to gym permitting  constraints, some of our home games will be on Saturday.

How long will each practice be?
Practices will be 1 hour minimum and 2 hours maximum.  This usually is not determined until Framingham Travel Basketball has secured the gym times and locations.  You can expect a minimum of two 1- hour practices plus a game on Saturday or Sunday each week.

What nights are practices?
Coaches on each team select from a list of available times, nights, and gyms to hold practices.  Once decided, your team will practice on the same nights each week at the same time.  It is not a rotating schedule and it will be consistent.               

How do uniforms work?
If your child is selected to a team, a uniform will be issued from FY Hoops.   This uniform is to be returned at the end of the season.  If not,  a fee of $50 will be assessed.

What happens if my child is not selected for a team?  Are there other basketball options in Framingham?
Yes, we encourage any child who does not make a Framingham Travel team to join one of the many recreational leagues (TBA or YMCA) offered in town.  We strongly believe that there is a place for every player to develop skills and we are fortunate to have a town that offers basketball at various levels of play.

If my child is not as good as other players in his grade, should he bother to try out?
Absolutely!  Metrowest has five (5) divisions of play for their regular season and if your child is selected to a team, his/her team will be placed in the appropriate division.  We typically have two teams per grade level  but are willing to expand if need be.  We believe a tryout experience benefits every player and therefore encourage it for all.

How much does it cost to tryout?
Tryouts are free.  We ask that you register through our website at so that we can plan for the tryouts. 

Can my child play “up” a grade level?
In general, no.  We believe in grade-based play.  In our experience, it has been better for a child to play with his/her grade.  However, there have been instances where this has been allowed, but only when a team was not offered at a certain grade level.  For instance, if your child is in the 4th grade yet there were only enough players for a 5th grade team, the 4th grade child participated on the 5th grade team.  This has NOT been the case recently, but is a scenario where players might not play with their grade level.

How much playing time will my child get?
While every coach makes the decision regarding playing time based on practice attendance, attitude, coachability, and skill level, coaches are encouraged to use the following as a minimum guideline:

When possible (teams of 10), the expectation is equal playing time through the first three (3) quarters with the 4th quarter dictated by matchups, level of competition, and coach discretion. There should be an attempt to play all players in the 4th quarter but simply not equal time.

*Because Travel Basketball offers many practice opportunities, we strongly believe that the practices are where your child can really develop and playing time is at the discretion of the coach.  Coach's discretion is based on practice attendance, attitude, coachability, and skill level.

Is there a difference between Framingham Travel compared to TBA and the YMCA?
Yes, a big difference.  The Framingham Travel Program participates in the Metrowest League which is a competitive league where your child will compete against the best players in OTHER towns.  TBA and YMCA are recreational leagues where your child would play against his/her friends.  The commitment level is much higher in the Framingham Travel Basketball Program as your child is expected to attended every practice and game and many teams enter multiple tournaments in a season.  If your child is interested in playing versus good competition and challenging himself/herself, then he/she should tryout for Framingham Travel.

Can my child sign up for the other leagues as well?
We have had players sign up for both leagues.  Although we believe this to be a family decision, please know that the expectation is that your child’s Framingham Travel team is his/her number one winter commitment and it is not acceptable to miss a Travel practice or game for another league’s practice or game.

How long is the season?
Tryouts are typically in October with practices generally starting in November with most teams entering a Thanksgiving Tournament.  The Metrowest season typically begins that first weekend in December and runs through the second weekend of February break.  Playoffs typically begin the first week in March with every team making the playoffs.  The playoff format is single elimination with the conclusion typically being around mid-March.  The Metrowest season is typically 12-game schedule with games on the first weekend of Christmas Break and both weekends of February Break.

How much does Framingham Travel Basketball cost?
Please visit our registration page for the most recent pricing.  Additionally, your child’s coach may elect to enter tournaments, those are typically around $25 per player. If you are in need of financial assistance, please email us so we can discuss payment options or financial assistance.

I am interested in being a coach.  Can I be a coach?
Framingham Travel Basketball makes every effort to have the most qualified coaches.  If you feel that you can contribute as a head coach or as an assistant coach, please visit the “Coaching Information” tab on the "About Us" drop-down menu on the left side of the heading on the website.  Fill out and submit the necessary paperwork.  Feel free to contact us via email as well.

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